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For more than 100 years
For over 100 years JOTA AG has been actively involved in the development, production and distribution of rotary instruments.

Who we are?


he company was founded in Germany on 20 August 1909 by the Funke brothers and entered in the trade register under the name of General Dental Company OHG. After the First World War intensive basic research considerably improved the quality of steel used for dental drills by adding minute amounts (a JOTA) of constituents to the alloy. The result was a significant increase in the quality of the dental drills, which were called JOTA from that time onwards. At the same time the company was restructured to form JOTA AG.

The production buildings were destroyed during the Second World War and it was many years until the JOTA AG buildings, products and innovation had been restored. In the 1970s JOTA relocated to Switzerland and years of expansion in international sales then followed.

Today JOTA AG is represented by distribution partners in 80 countries. Quality, application expertise and a wide range of products are renowned competences of the company.

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